How to design a summer house and enjoy family vacation: take an example from a designer



This two-storey log house with a total area of ​​145 sq. m (if you count the terrace) was built by the architect-designer Alena Ratnikova and her husband Alexei for themselves and their family. Alena and Alexei have two adult children and two dachshunds. The children have grown up and live separately, but they like to come to their parents for weekends and holidays. And this house was supposed to become a family nest, where it would be comfortable to get together.


Alena and her husband chose a standard project, but slightly altered it to suit the needs of the family. So, on the ground floor there is a combined kitchen-living room with access to a spacious 20-meter terrace, a bedroom, and a bathroom. At the entrance — hallway. On the second floor there are rooms for the son and daughter, an office and a bathroom. The house also has a basement floor, which can be accessed from the first floor.


The house is built from profiled timber. And the walls were not sewn up with anything, they were only covered with a protective tinted oil. The floors and ceilings were treated in the same way.

In the bathroom and toilet, tiles were used to decorate the walls where water directly enters, and for the floor. It’s more practical — after all, wood can’t react very well to moisture.


In the design of the house, the author of the project and the hostess adhered to the given direction — a cozy space with hints of Provence. In a house made of timber, this kind of rustic style looks great. Wood, natural fabrics — furniture upholstery, blankets, curtains, decorative pillows — fresh flowers from the garden that decorate the interior in spring and summer, all this contributes to creating the right atmosphere.

The walls are decorated with paintings. These are the works of the father of the architect, the artist Valery Anatolyevich Deputatov. This value creates comfort and the impression of a house in which several generations have lived.

As for furniture, here the selection was based on the principle of relevance. Part of the furniture was moved from the old house, something was bought on ad sites, and something — built-in wardrobes, dressing room furniture, a shelf for dishes in the kitchen — the hostess developed on her own, they were made to order.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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