How to clean up an abandoned cottage: the 5-step guide you need


In the video, they shared instructions for transforming an outdated dacha

one Make your home and yard safe

If you inherited or purchased an old cottage with an abandoned garden, the first thing to do is make sure that this space is safe for residents. Inspect the house from the basement to the roof. If you find large cracks in the walls, rotten boards or windows that are lopsided due to deformation of the walls, invite a specialist. He will evaluate the possibility of living in such a house and will be able to prepare a restoration plan if the building is not in disrepair.

Next, move on to the garden. Cut down all dead trees, and cut dry branches from living ones so that they do not fall on someone during a strong wind. Mow tall grass, throw away plant and construction debris — snakes and wasp hives can hide in it.


2 Check all amenities

Before choosing furniture and decor for your home, make sure it is comfortable to live in. To do this, you need to go through all the household systems that you plan to use every day.

  • Plumbing and bathroom. If hot water in your area is often turned off, take care of this in advance and install a boiler. Check the operation of the sewer and filters. Most likely, it will be necessary to invite specialists to clean them and replace some parts.
  • Electricity. Call an electrician to check the wiring throughout the cottage. A single sparkling outlet or faulty wire can start a fire even when the house is empty, so it’s important to make sure all systems are safe.

  • Gas. If the stove in the kitchen is powered by a gas bottle, make sure it is not empty and does not need to be replaced.
  • Windows and front door. If the cottage is old, then most likely it has wooden windows and doors. Find all the gaps that are blowing out of and fill them with silicone sealant — this will help keep the inside cool on hot days and warm on cold days.

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3 Prepare your garden for new plantings

To comfortably spend time in nature, you need to clean the overgrown garden: mow the grass, weeds, smooth out small bumps, drain stagnant puddles. This is a laborious process, but as a result you will be able to ennoble the site, organize a recreation area, set up a flower garden. The main thing is not to rush to immediately plant new varieties, especially if you entered the site in the summer. The seedlings will burn out in the sun or will not have time to get stronger before the autumn frosts. It is best to remove unnecessary plants, check the soil acidity and fertilize the soil to start planting next spring.


four Refresh your trim

The next step is to update the finishes outside and inside the house. To do this, you will need a stepladder, thinner, grinder and paint. Do not be afraid of cracked planks on the floor or old varnished wood. Get rid of cracked paint and varnish, apply new coatings, and you will find that almost any surface can be given a second life.


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5 Add comfort

The development of a new country house does not end with the repair and purchase of furniture. To make the dacha a place where you want to come every weekend, add some personality to it. Choose an interesting decor for your home, plant your favorite flowers in the garden. Find a porch rocking chair at a flea market and complete it with a garland or a pair of colorful throw pillows. Paint the dining chairs a different color and put a vase of wildflowers in the bedroom. Such little things do not require a large budget, but they allow you to make the space more thoughtful and comfortable.


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