How the attic floor of a country house was turned into a cozy apartment of 61 sq. m: real example


Customers and tasks

The owners of a townhouse in the Moscow district of Kurkino are a family with two children. The owner is fond of playing the saxophone and has long wanted to arrange a music room in the house with office functions. This desire became a necessity during the pandemic, when the whole world stayed at home, and all processes, including work, also began to take place here. The family turned to designer Elena Ryseva with a request to decorate the last floor in their house — an attic with an area of ​​just over 60 square meters with high ceilings. The interior of the house is modern and this space was seen in the same vein, but the owners were open to experimenting with color and decor.


Initially, the attic was an empty U-shaped room. According to the wishes of the customers and goals, Elena planned the space as follows: a kitchen-living room, a small guest bedroom, which can be accessed from the common area, an isolated study where the owner will play music, and a spacious bathroom. The latter also has a sauna.


In the living areas, including the kitchen, an engineering board in a natural shade of oak was laid on the floor. English paint with a glossy effect was chosen for the walls in the living room and study. The owners were not against the color, so the living area was decorated in a rich blue-green hue.

The kitchen, in contrast, is gray. For the office, they chose a deep gray-black shade of paint, additionally finished the walls with a soundproof membrane so that the owner’s passion for music would not become uncomfortable for the rest.

In the guest bedroom, the decoration is different, here you can feel the «country» style. The walls are decorated with wallpaper with a floral pattern, the bottom is decorated with wall panels, and the top is decorated with colored paint. This made it possible to lower the high ceilings in the small room a little and avoid the feeling of a well.

In the bathroom, boar tiles and light paint were combined on the walls — this visually expanded the already rather big room. And accent tiles on the floor made the space not monotonous.

Furniture and storage systems

Since the purpose of this attic apartment is a guest room, many storage systems were not planned. A wardrobe and chests of drawers were installed in the bedroom, a small shelving unit was limited to the office, and a cabinet for the sink in the bathroom.

The kitchen is also compact — a linear set with a minimum set of appliances (dishwasher, mini-fridge, and a two-burner stove) and small hanging cabinets.

Of the furniture, too, only the necessary was installed. In the living area there is a corner sofa bed. In the office there is a small sofa, it also unfolds. The dining table was replaced with a free-standing bar counter.


The attic is quite well lit — in order to enhance insolation during the daytime, additional windows were made in the ceiling. In the living room area, the upper light is solved by chandeliers, and the additional light is by a floor lamp and a wall lamp. The kitchen used non-standard lamps on cables that resemble garlands. In the bedroom, a chandelier was also hung on the ceiling, and wall sconces were placed by the beds. In the study, the owner refused the overhead light, so they limited themselves to sconces over the sofa and a shelving unit. In the bathroom, the light is solved by ceiling lamps and a sconce in the sink area. The sauna is illuminated separately.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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