How Designers Decorate Their Bedrooms: 5 Delightful Examples


one Warm bedroom interior with the atmosphere of the American South

Designer Natalya Mitrakova designed an apartment in a typical block house for herself and her family. The bedroom looks warm, cozy and original. The walls and ceiling are painted in one tone — complex sandy yellow. Natalia herself characterizes the interior of the bedroom as follows — «in the spirit of cozy southern bed&breakfast». Here is a bed upholstered in dark blue with a bright stripe. Custom made curtains with oyster pattern. A dressing room separated from the main room by a shuttered partition (another reference to the American South). The picture above the sofa was also brought from a trip to America. And at the same time there is a place for antiques. Armchair at the table opposite the sofa — 19th century. Natalya found it with her partners, it was waiting in the wings until the restorer got down to business.

In a word, the interior is «talking», really warm and southern. It is hard to imagine that this room is located in an apartment in a typical Moscow building.

2 Roofed white bedroom

Architects Andrei and Daria Zhlobich designed this small apartment on the attic floor of a house in Minsk for their family. The original area was increased by organizing a mezzanine floor, which housed a bedroom and a small children’s area. The interior of this space is as concise as in the whole apartment. White, gray colors, complete minimalism — almost no decor, unnecessary things, no bright accents. The bed is a podium with a mattress, and only a chest of drawers completes the bedroom decor. In the children’s area there is a crib and a rack with toys.

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3 Small bedroom with ethnic motifs

This apartment belongs to designer Evgenia Filatova and her family. To highlight a separate bedroom, they made a redevelopment — they “took” part of the kitchen area, and made the last one small. With such a redevelopment, the bedroom is officially called a non-residential room.

The style turned out to be a modern space with ethnic motifs. The latter are added pointwise — the decor on the wall, the shape of the bedside tables, the print on the pillow. Basically, the gamma is neutral: light walls and against its background — graphic dark furniture and lamps.

four Sleeping area in a small studio

In her studio, designer Kristina Lichik did not make partitions, the zones are separated from each other only with the help of furniture. But from the entrance, the sleeping area, which is represented by a podium and a mattress, is still not visible, which makes it more private. The podium is separated from the kitchen and living area by a low partition. This is a great example of zoning and how, even on a small footage, you can organize a full-fledged sleeping place so as not to be content with a folding sofa.

Design: Kristina Lichik. Photo: Anastasia Kutyrina. Style: Anastasia Lamanova

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5 Mini bedroom behind a glass partition

The apartment designed by Ulyana Sinitsyna was supposed to have two rooms, but Ulyana made a small redevelopment in order to allocate a separate bedroom, keep the nursery and the kitchen-living room. Thus, the bedroom turned out to be small, it is separated from the living room by a glass partition with a curtain, but that’s enough — the family likes to spend their free time in the common area.

The interior used a green shade of paint on the walls, soothing and not banal. And the wall behind the head of the bed is decorated with accent wallpaper — a floral print on a blue background. Decor and textiles complete the composition.


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