Choosing curtains for the balcony: 70 photos of stylish and practical solutions


The balcony is increasingly ceasing to be solely a place to store unnecessary things and dry clothes. For him, they develop a design in accordance with the style of the apartment, think over ergonomics and interior in detail. The interior of any room ends with decoration, and here an important stage is the selection of textiles. In this article, we will show the appropriate curtains for the balcony, ideas that can be found in designer projects. Let us consider in more detail which models of curtains are suitable, according to what criteria they need to be chosen, what to look for. And also give a number of tips and recommendations.

All about how to choose curtains for a balcony

Types of curtains
— Curtains and curtains
– Tulle
– Roman
— Rolled
— Blinds
Instead of curtains


Design: Alena Matisova. Style: Aisa Sanzhieva. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin

The choice of design for windows, first of all, depends on the function of the balcony. How can it be used?

  • Recreation area with upholstered furniture. That is, as an extension of the living room.
  • Canteen. This option is convenient if the exit is organized from the kitchen.
  • Office or workshop. Often there is a workplace.
  • Pantry. In small apartments where there is not enough storage space and no separate pantry, this is almost the only way out.
  • Winter garden or greenhouse. A glazed loggia is a suitable place for growing plants. And more and more city dwellers are using it.

But In all cases, several important points must be taken into account.

  1. Curtains should not interfere with the opening of windows. Therefore, consider the opening mechanism: it is hinged or sliding.
  2. Since the balcony is always a continuation of any main interior space, it is worth decorating it in harmony with this room.
  3. The presence of a balcony in itself already slightly obscures the interior space of the apartment. Therefore, too dark and thick curtains can exacerbate this situation.
  4. Decoration for balcony windows should be wear-resistant, easy to wash and clean, not fade in the sun. And ideally also have dustproof properties.

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Suitable types of curtains

They told in the video about the curtains that you can use on the loggia

And now we are talking in more detail.

Curtains and curtains

On the balcony, curtains and drapes would be appropriate if it is a continuation of the living room or bedroom, there is a seating area or dining room. Usually, these words are used as synonyms.

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But in fact, curtains and curtains are not the same thing. Curtains — canvases made of light, translucent, thin fabric. Such curtains will not block the street light completely. It will only make it more diffuse and muffled. Curtains can be long and short, covering the window area in whole or in part. Curtains, unlike curtains, are sewn from dense fabric. Their task is to protect the room from the sun as much as possible. Curtains can retain light and 100%. To do this, use a special canvas blackout.

Fabric window decor is a good choice when you need to create a cozy, intimate, private and at the same time elegant environment. It is better to choose a fabric that is unpretentious, resistant to pollution, able to endure frequent washing and not subject to fading in the sun. Linen is suitable for natural fabrics. True, he is quite rumpled. From synthetic — jacquard, matting, acrylic, soft and others. As for color, one-color or two-tone curtains in white and pastel colors, or deep, complex shades are now popular. Often you can also find textiles with geometric patterns.

For curtains, ceiling and wall cornices are suitable. As fasteners, it is rational to use eyelets, rings, hooks, a drawstring — everything that will make it easy to remove and put on the canvas.

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Like thicker curtains, tulle is best chosen for spacious rooms that will be used for relaxation. Weightless, transparent tulle is not about utility and functionality. It will not protect from the sun or prying eyes.

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Why then do you need tulle? For beauty, of course. With it, an ordinary balcony can be turned into a cozy summer veranda. It will add lightness and airiness to the space. Tulle looks elegant and slightly romantic on light tiebacks.

The length of the tulle should be chosen primarily based on convenience. In different situations, a short or to the floor is suitable. Preference today is given to plain white veils or with a barely noticeable cream tint. Colored, colorful, shiny options or models with a large pattern will not look relevant. As well as an abundance of decorative details. The simpler the better. When choosing, pay attention to the material. It should drape easily, form beautiful folds, and keep its shape. Organza, veil, chiffon, cambric will do.

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Roman blinds for the balcony

If the balcony is small in size or you plan to use it as an office, workshop, storage or growing plants there, long curtains and tulle may be inconvenient. In this case, Roman blinds will help to decorate and protect the room from light. They do not take up much space, fit snugly against the window, while outwardly they are both extremely simple, concise, and elegant, decorative.

Design: Julia Veselova. Photo: Mikhail Chekalov

The Roman blind on the balcony (photo can be seen in the gallery) is a lifting structure. When folded, it represents horizontal strips of fabric collected in the upper part of the window. If the curtain is lowered, it will turn into a smooth, even canvas that securely covers the glass. Such curtains can slightly let in light, but are also sewn from blackout fabric.

A Roman blind can be attached directly to a window or to a ceiling or wall.

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Roller blinds for the balcony

The most obvious and affordable option. It is equally well suited for the office, workshop, pantry or garden. Outwardly, such curtains are as simple and minimalistic as possible. They are not decorative. But they protect well from the sun, it is convenient to take care of them — they do not wrinkle, do not fade, they are easy to clean.

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An interesting option is day-night rolls. They allow you to adjust the amount of light: either absorb it completely, or let it through to the maximum.

Roller blinds differ from Roman blinds in their lifting mechanism. It does not fold, but is wound on the bar. Rolls are easy to hang and take off when needed. How to hang such curtains on the balcony on plastic windows? There are several options. The roller can be attached separately to each leaf, and it will not interfere with opening and closing. And you can on the wall and even the ceiling.

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One of the most fashionable solutions today is blinds. But not like we are used to seeing in offices — vertical fabric stripes. The house needs other options.

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Stylish blinds — in most cases, horizontal. They are made from wood, bamboo, metal or plastic. Another variety is pleated blinds. In fact, these are not exactly blinds, they only resemble them externally. They are more like pleated curtains.

Blinds have a number of advantages: they are easy to clean, allow you to adjust the level of illumination, and do not take up much space. Blinds are suitable for almost any style of interior. Their combination with curtains, curtains and tulle looks interesting and modern. Blinds will decorate both the recreation area and the office — this is a universal solution. They are hung directly on each sash or on the entire frame, wall or ceiling.

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How to replace curtains?

It is certainly possible to do without window textiles. And sometimes you need to.

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For example, if:

  • Do you have allergies in your family? Extra surfaces and materials that collect dust are useless in this case.
  • The room is too small. This, of course, is not a sentence, but an occasion to think. It may be better to leave the windows open to visually expand the space.
  • The balcony overlooks the side where there is little light. If the house is already twilight all day long, the curtains will most likely turn out to be an extra detail of the interior.

By the way, textile-free windows are increasingly found in designer projects. Especially when it comes to interiors in the style of scandi, minimalism. Refusal of excessive decorativeness in favor of restraint is one of the trends of recent years. Therefore, if you are not embarrassed by prying eyes, and the sunlight does not interfere, you can completely abandon the curtains. What can replace them? If the sun and neighbors on the contrary still interfere, you can remember about window tinting. It will solve both problems. Windows are tinted with a special film. It is sunscreen and mirror. Both protect the room from bright rays and overheating. If there is no glazing, you can also find an alternative to curtains. For example, awnings, screens or garlands of plants.

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