Bright kitchen: design tips and 5 suitable styles (90 photos)


The light palette is ideal for the cooking area from both an aesthetic and practical point of view. The space looks lighter and visually more spacious, and it is also easier to choose accents in the form of decor and textiles for such a base. In this article, we tell you what to consider when planning the design of a bright kitchen.

We decorate the kitchen in bright colors

Color selection
— White
— Beige
— Grey
— Pastel shades
Suitable styles
— Modern
— Scandi
— Ecostyle
— Classic and neoclassical
Design rules

Color selection

In a modern interior, a kitchen in bright colors, as in the photo below, can look completely different. The color scheme is selected based on the tastes of the owners, the size of the room and the orientation of the windows.


Design: Didus Design. Photo: Inna Kablukova

White color is versatile and multifaceted, but many still treat it with skepticism, especially when it comes to «dirty areas».

But it has many advantages:

  • White visually enlarges the space. In combination with other design techniques, such a kitchen will seem twice as large as it actually is.
  • It is more practical than dark shades. This may seem counterintuitive to many, but on a white surface, dirt will not be visible as much as, for example, on black or anthracite gray matt fronts.
  • It will fit into any design. There is no such style in which white would be out of place. And in some (for example, in scandi or minimalism) it is a real must-have.

The most important thing is to choose the right shade. A cold undertone of white is suitable if the windows face the sunny side — this way the cooking area will seem cooler and there will be no feeling of hospital sterility. But if there is not enough natural light in the kitchen, choose warmer variations for furniture and decoration: powdery, champagne, ivory, etc.

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Beige is another neutral base color that works great as the main color for a light-colored kitchen (photo below).

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This is a warm natural color that organically feels in the company of natural materials and textures. It works best on wooden surfaces. Suitable for any style: from strict classics to minimalism and eco.

At the same time, in large quantities, beige can seem boring and monotonous. To avoid this effect, use:

  • Several shades. Beige has a lot of them: from light, practical white, to rich and quite dark.
  • Various invoices. Even a monochrome kitchen interior will not look flat if you use several pronounced textures at once: for example, wood, fabric, stone or its imitation.
  • Contrasting elements. Beige is perfectly shaded by black, white, dark gray, cold brown. It may be just a couple of details (for example, fittings, lamps, poster frame, dishes), but they will immediately add the desired contrast and freshness to the atmosphere.


Like white, it is an achromatic color that goes well with any other shades.

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The main advantage of gray is the variety of options. It can look completely different: light and dense, warm and cold, tender and bold. Thanks to this, gray easily adapts to the palette and emphasizes other colors. It is suitable for finishing, and for large furniture — as well as for textiles and decor.

When designing a kitchen in bright colors pay attention to the following shades:

  • Cold — mouse, metallic, silver, white-gray, blue steam, zircon, slate.
  • Warm — biscuit, white lily, greydzh, platinum, gainsborough, gray, blanc de blanc.

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Pastel shades

A light palette does not have to be neutral. Universal base shades are chosen more often because they are easier to combine with other elements of the palette.

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If you love color but don’t want too much brightness, pay attention to pastel colors:

  • Pistachio.
  • Mint.
  • Blue.

  • Lavender.
  • Salmon.
  • Pink.

  • Muted yellow.
  • Apricot, etc.

They are calm enough not to overload the space (especially when the cooking area is small), but at the same time spectacular and interesting. Take one shade as a basis or combine several at once. So that the kitchen does not look like a children’s dollhouse, choose noble shades and dilute them with neutral tones: the same beige, white, light gray. And add some dark details for contrast. These can be blotches of black, brown or deeper variations of the main pastel colors: for example, emerald green against a mint background, indigo against a pale blue background, etc.

Suitable styles

You can decorate the interior of a bright kitchen in any style. This is a universal version of the palette, and in some areas it is almost mandatory.

Modern kitchen design in bright colors

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Contemporary style involves the use of neutral natural shades. These are mostly light colors: variations of gray, beige, white. They are well complemented by pistachio green, terracotta, blue, as well as brown and black as accents.

Minimalism can also be attributed here — most modern trends are based on it, and contemporary, in the first place. These stylistics are very similar in many ways, in terms of palette — too. Calm muted tones are welcome. The emphasis is not on bright colors, but on forms, clear lines and pronounced textures.

Since the modern interior is more of a set of general ideas than a specific visual embodiment, it often combines elements of several styles. For example, a minimalist suite looks great against the backdrop of whitewashed brickwork in the spirit of a loft. Or a combination of eco-style and Provence elements.

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Scandi is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about white cuisine. A light palette is the basis for this style.

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In combination with the laconic design of the headset and the dining group, eco-friendly materials, cozy decor, this color scheme gives a stunning effect. It turns out a simple, but at the same time cozy interior, which is easy to create on your own, focusing on the main principles of style and your favorite references of Scandinavian cuisines.

The apron here is often tiled with white tiles or painted, the countertop in the work area is made “under the tree”. Beautiful ceramic dishes, sets of jars for storage and appliances in the same color, sets of cutting boards are used as decorations. All this is complemented by the same laconic textiles: it can be in tone with the decoration and furniture, or a little brighter, acting as a colorful accent.


Ecostyle has become especially popular in the last few years, when the trend towards conscious consumption and care for nature has become one of the leading ones.

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In the interior of the kitchen, it is expressed primarily in the use of natural (or — at least — environmentally friendly) materials, visual simplicity and calm natural colors. It mainly consists of basic shades of beige, gray, white. They must be accompanied by green. Terracotta, brown, muted yellow or blue are also often used as bright accents. In such a space, it is not the colors themselves that are important, but, first of all, natural textures — as a result, they come to the fore, and a discreet palette only complements them.

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Classic and neoclassic

The light palette is typical for both pure classics and its more modern version.

Design: Alisa Kashcheeva. Photo: Maria Irinarkhova

Noble neutral shades are chosen for the cooking zone, most often warm:

  • Cream.
  • Ivory.
  • Sand.
  • Biscuit.
  • Greige.
  • Classic beige.

A set made of wood or high-quality MDF is complemented by luxurious stone or marble countertops — they can be just as light or, conversely, contrast dark. However, most often they choose the first option, since such a space looks more harmonious. The neutral palette and large cabinet furniture are complemented by glass, crystal, gilded and brass details (most often it is fittings or decor).

Design rules

Regardless of the style and main shades of the palette, remember the main rules for decorating a bright kitchen area.

Design: Marina Makarova

  • The soiling of surfaces is influenced primarily by materials, and not by their color. Therefore, do not be afraid that, for example, all stains will be visible in a snow-white Scandi kitchen. You still have to clean up, but high-quality moisture-resistant materials will help to simplify the process: washable wallpaper or wall paint, porcelain stoneware, tiles and quartz vinyl for the floor. If you have chosen facades made of natural wood, it must be impregnated with a protective water-repellent compound. Not afraid of moisture and easy to clean MDF.
  • When composing a palette, choose colors so that they do not clash in temperature. The simplest principle is to combine warm with warm, cold with cold. You can use both those and other shades in the same room, but choose slightly diluted tones that will organically flow into each other.
  • Choose the color of the countertop and backsplash based on your design idea. If you need to make the room visually larger, it is better that all elements are light. And dark shades are suitable when you want to create an interesting contrast in the room.

  • If you are afraid that the basic tones will make the kitchen too boring, use active textures, as well as brighter decor and textiles — so you can place accents where necessary.

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Light colors


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