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Dark colors always look more impressive and catchy. But many — especially those who make repairs on their own — are naturally afraid of them. However, the bathroom is exactly the room where you should decide to experiment. In this article, we will tell you what to consider when designing a black bathroom and how to get a stylish interior in any area.

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What is important to consider

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The main advantage of such a bathroom is its visual component. This is a strong design solution that takes the simple hygienic area to the next level. However, when designing such a bathroom, it is easy to make mistakes that will turn a beautiful “magazine” interior into a tasteless gloomy box.

To avoid them consider the following points:

  • Dark colors visually reduce the space. So that an already small bathroom does not seem cramped, dilute the black base with interspersed light shades, glossy and reflective surfaces, and sufficient lighting.

  • In the bathroom, black tiles or plumbing are not the most practical solution. It is dark rather than light coatings, especially matte ones, that are considered more easily soiled. Be prepared for the fact that all the stains, dust and traces of limescale will be visible on the sink, toilet, walls. The problem is solved by regular cleaning. Also pay attention to materials with special dirt-repellent coatings and choose glossy or semi-gloss textures.
  • If you want to darken not only the finish, but also plumbing, remember that models in this design, as a rule, cost more than classic light ones.
  • If white as a background works like walls in an art gallery, only emphasizing the purity of other colors, then black makes them visually more vibrant and active. Consider this effect when choosing additional accent tones.

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What to combine

Even if you are decorating an almost monochrome interior, black cannot exist alone in space.

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In order not to get a gloomy room that puts pressure on the psyche, in which you don’t want to be, the dark base must be diluted with other shades.


The two achromats are perfectly combined with each other and together form a classic, but at the same time very effective pair. A black and white bathroom will never go out of style, besides, this combination is suitable for almost any style, be it classic, loft or minimalism.

White can be used for:

  • Plumbing — it will become the very contrast to the rest of the background.
  • Ceiling finishes.
  • Wall decorations — for example, combine black and white tiles or paint part of the surface in a light color.


Another achromatic color that feels great in the company of black. Gray has many shades — just with their help you can create an interesting «colorless» space, where gradations of dark tones smoothly flow into each other. However, don’t forget to add light gray details to balance the amount of black in the palette.

Beige and brown

Warm natural shades will make the bathroom more comfortable. Best of all, they are revealed on the texture of wood: it can be, for example, MDF furniture or ceramics with wood imitation. Both options look spectacular and at the same time soften the overall impression of a dark space.

Bright colors

Finally, any saturated shades look good on a black background. So that the space does not look too colorful and pretentious, choose natural, slightly muted shades. And remember about the effect described above: in contrast with black, especially matte, any color seems more intense than it actually is. Therefore, avoid too bright colors.

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Black Bathroom Design Ideas

Now let’s take a closer look at how to design a bathroom in dark colors.


The choice of finishing materials for the bathroom, first of all, is influenced by their technical characteristics.

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For floor suitable porcelain stoneware or tile. Both coatings are strong, wear-resistant, durable. They are not afraid of contact with water and household chemicals, so they are easy to clean. Since in the bathroom we stand on the floor with wet feet, it is important that it does not slip. Therefore, choose a tile with a relief or a rough top layer. From the point of view of design, both monophonic models and bright patterned ones (for example, a contrasting black and white pattern looks great) or imitations of marble, concrete, stone, wood are suitable.

Standard ceiling they make it white (they paint the plate or hang a stretch fabric), but in a dark interior you can go for a bold experiment and decorate it to match the walls. However, remember that only high ceilings should be painted black or anthracite gray, as they will visually appear lower anyway. In other cases, it is better to limit yourself to the standard finish.

Walls are the main field for experiments in the interior of the bathroom. For decoration, classic tiles, medium and large porcelain tiles, moisture-resistant paint, decorative plaster, as well as PVC panels and washable wallpapers are suitable. The latter, even if they are resistant to moisture, should not be glued in a wet area, but, for example, around a storage system or on a wall at the entrance.

If you do not have a spacious bathroom with high ceilings, then it is better to combine finishes. For example, use black tiles or paint for 1-2 walls, and make the rest lighter. Or use ceramics with a non-contrasting pattern and splashes of white.


In the bathroom, plumbing plays a key role. It should fit not only in size and functionality, but also in design.

Design: Nikolai Sorokin. Photo: Ivan Sorokin. Style: Anna Krutolevich

What to place in the bathroom depends on whether it is combined with a toilet. In the first case, the toilet and sink are installed in a separate room. In the second — you need to fit everything you need in one space. If there is enough space, in addition to the standard set (bath or shower, sink, toilet), a bidet or hygienic shower is also installed in the bathroom.

Main question — what color to choose plumbing?

  • A white bowl, sink or toilet will be a refreshing contrast against the background of decoration and furniture. In addition, the choice of light sanitary ware is much wider, including non-standard models (for example, narrow mini-sinks or sit-down baths).
  • Black models are more expensive, but they look very impressive. If you’re creating an enveloping monochrome interior without harsh color splashes, this is a great option. The ability of black to visually reduce dimensions will also work: for example, a dark acrylic or ceramic bath will not seem so voluminous and will organically fit into the environment without attracting too much attention to itself. Similarly, a toilet with a matching finish installation will almost blend in with the wall. This technique is often used in minimalist or high-tech interiors.
  • Colored sanitary ware is the hardest to find, but if you manage to find the right model, it will become the main decoration of the bathroom and will attract the eye. Both discreet beige or gray products look interesting, as well as brighter ones: for example, red, blue or pink. In this version, plumbing will become a full-fledged color accent.

An interesting technique is to combine models of different shades. For example, choose a black sink and a white toilet bowl or bowl in the bathroom. Don’t forget about the details: faucets, shower heads, pipes are also part of the design. They can be matched to the color of the main equipment or, conversely, made accent. So, against a dark background, chrome parts and imitations of precious metals look very stylish.

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Dark furniture looks good against any background, whether it’s plain paint or tiles with a contrasting pattern.

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Storage systems are standardly placed in the bathroom: a cabinet for a sink, shelving, shelves, utility cabinets. If the bathroom is spacious, you can organize a spa area in it by placing a stool or even a compact chair there. Shelves, no matter what color they are, should be provided with local lighting.

If you don’t want the furniture to get lost against the black walls and floor, pick it up in a different shade (such as deep brown or storm grey) or use light details. So, it can be a dark cabinet with a white countertop.


Accessories and textiles not only add comfort to the bathroom, but also help to place color accents, as well as balance the number of deep shades in the interior.

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To make the space visually lighter, use:

  • Mirrors in laconic frames, preferably with lighting.

  • Bath textiles in light shades in the same style.
  • Dried flowers or artificial plants in glass vases.
  • White, gray or beige containers for cosmetics, detergents.
  • Accent lamps (crystal or glass products look especially good, which additionally reflect light).

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