Attic apartment with rooftop balcony


Customers and tasks

The owners of the apartment are a married couple with a three-year-old son. This family has a romantic story, which in many ways inspired the authors of the project, Nadezhda Trebukhina and Olga Raskulina. “The project is called Second Wind, which means “second wind”. This phrase is written on the wall for a reason.

We were inspired by the story of customers who started dating in high school, but fate separated them by as much as 20 years. They met suddenly at an event dedicated to his activities, and she organized it. After this chance meeting, they no longer parted, and after 9 months a wonderful boy was born, the whole life of both sparkled with new colors — the feeling that a new life had begun, a second wind, ”the designers share.

The living room has a balcony...

The living room has access to the roof balcony.

We bought an apartment for our family — three people. And we wanted to make it as comfortable as possible. “No folding sofas and tables, a minimum of guests, a maximum of family enjoyment,” this is how the authors of the project characterize the tasks.

Sofa in the living room, according to...

The sofa in the living room, according to the authors of the project, was searched for a long time. It had to be aesthetic from all sides, as it was placed in the middle of the room, with a mobile back. At the same time, customers had a mandatory requirement — to take only what is in the salons and what can be seen live (by the way, this requirement applied not only to the sofa, but also to other furniture and even decoration).


The apartment was open-plan, but with recommended areas. Designers erected partitions in accordance with them, but reduced the proposed corridor. Now he only distributes the doors to the bathroom, nursery, bedroom and dressing room. And the rest of the space is used to the maximum: a combined kitchen-living room, a bathroom and a laundry room, a spacious shared bathroom, an isolated entrance area.


A lot of wood was used in the decoration, colors, patterns on tiles, textures were mixed. Most of the walls are painted, in the bedroom and in the nursery, the walls are partially covered with wallpaper and complemented with soft panels that continue as a headboard. The floor is decorated with parquet board, tiles in the wet areas, hallway and kitchen. The ceilings are sheathed in wood at the highest points, and the bevels are painted. The beams add a country feel, but only moderately – the hostess didn’t want this atmosphere to be too much.

Kitchen, according to the authors about ...

The kitchen, according to the stories of the authors of the project, was planned with elements of Art Nouveau style. But the original concept did not suit the customer, and only the unusual shape of the niche above the stove was left. The wall in this niche and the floor in the kitchen are decorated with the same tiles, which makes this area more harmonious.

Furniture and storage systems

Storage is thought out to the maximum closed. In the hallway there is a spacious built-in wardrobe. Washing appliances and household items are hidden in a separate laundry room. The apartment has two dressing rooms — one, small, has a common access, but is considered a child’s room, and the second is organized in the master bedroom. For this reason, there are no wardrobes in the bedrooms. In the nursery there is only a small storage system by the window.

The kitchen is filled with cabinets, but even despite the rich color, they do not look massive. The bottom row of cabinets is built in a U-shape, even the space under the roof window is used. The upper cabinets are only on one side — this is due to the bevel of the ceiling.

Master bedroom - enveloping

The master bedroom is envelopingly cozy. The carmine color of the ceiling, which starts from the bevel and ends in the dressing room, according to the authors of the project, caused a lot of controversy and doubts on the part of the customers. But as soon as they saw the first paint, doubts disappeared. Coziness is added by soft panels on the wall in the bed area. The same material is sheathed and the bed itself.


Lighting is thought out differently in different rooms, but several scenarios were provided for everywhere. Designers call the living room the “champion under the backlight”. Beams are illuminated here, the wall behind the TV, a rack, there is a general light, a floor lamp. In the kitchen, in addition to the ceiling chandelier, there are two sconces placed on the sides of the window. In the nursery there is a general light and a dimmable pendant lamp above the bed.

The children's room is not replete...

The children’s room is not replete with color, as often happens. The interior is quite restrained, but there are still bright accents — in the design of the cabinet and the desktop by the window. One of the walls was decorated with a fresco with a picture of the city.

In the bedroom there are ceiling hangers, bedside lamps on the bedside tables and separate dressing room lighting with cabinet lighting.

There is a lot of wood in the hallway, which...

There is a lot of wood in the hallway, which the owner of the house likes so much. On the floor — tiles with a fantasy pattern. The wall around the front door is decorated with mirrors, together with the mirrored facades of the built-in wardrobe, they visually expand this area.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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