Art Nouveau kitchen: features, design options and 83 photo examples


Art Nouveau kitchen is smooth lines, noble shades and natural materials. It looks modern and very traditional at the same time. Comfort in such a room is created not by ruffled curtains or a bright tablecloth, but by a harmonious combination of textures, colors and silhouettes. In this article we will tell you how to decorate the kitchen area in this style correctly.

All about designing a modern kitchen

Design Ideas
— Color spectrum
– Finishing
— Furniture and appliances
— Decor and textiles

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Most perceive «modern» as a synonym for the word «modern» (and moderno is translated from Italian as such), and in a sense this is not far from the truth. But any interior that is not decorated in the classics cannot be attributed to this style, although many people think this way.

Art Nouveau as an independent style appeared at the end of the 19th century and existed for a very short time, just a few decades — until the First World War. But even in such a short time, the designers and architects who formed this trend managed to say their weighty word. Art Nouveau appeared as a response to the eclecticism that reigned at that time: a mixture of styles, a repetition of existing techniques. At the same time there was a sharp jump in technological progress. Designers tried to counter this chaos with a new design: orderly, innovative, but at the same time maintaining a connection with nature.

As a result, modernists were divided into two groups: those who prioritized manufacturability (typical of England and Scotland), and those who advocated the supremacy of decorativeness and natural beauty (France, Italy). Gradually, modernism ceased to exist as a single style, dividing into separate areas: tiffany, art nouveau, constructivism, liberty, etc. But despite the fact that modernity in its original form no longer exists, designers still use the ideas of this style in interior design.

The main markers of modernity:

  • Smooth lines flowing into each other forms.
  • Silhouettes characteristic of wildlife: waves, clouds, climbing plants.
  • Floral ornaments — but not the classic «flower wallpaper», but the image of leaves, stems, water lilies, curved tree branches.

  • Natural materials and natural palette.
  • Tall windows and wide doorways, which are often decorated with stained-glass windows.
  • Lots of modern technology that neatly integrates into the overall design.
  • A minimum of textiles and decor.

  • Modern style in the interior: features and design ideas for different rooms

    Interior styles

    Modern style in the interior: features and design ideas for different rooms

Art Nouveau Kitchen Design Ideas

This style looks best in large country houses, but you can also apply it in a typical city apartment. In this case, it is best to use stylization, taking the brightest features as a basis. Consider how to decorate the interior of a modern kitchen, with photos of beautiful examples.

Color spectrum

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Since this style is largely inspired by nature, the palette in the kitchen should be appropriate. The main colors are brown and white. They are complemented by a variety of shades of gray and beige, interspersed with black. The color scheme can be either dark or lighter — depending on your preferences, as well as the size of the room. If the kitchen is compact, it is worth taking white or a light shade of brown as a basis — they will make the space visually more spacious.

Natural lighting is also important. For a kitchen with windows to the south or southeast, cooler shades are suitable that will “cool” it (especially important in the cooking area!). If, on the contrary, there is not enough sun, then take warm shades as a basis (beige, brown, biscuit gray), which will make the space more comfortable.

As accent colors, any natural noble tones are suitable. Most often used:

  • Wine, burgundy, pomegranate.
  • Emerald, any natural shades of green.
  • Dark blue.

  • Deep purple.
  • Golden yellow.

Walls and suites can be contrasting in color, but the effect of enveloping space looks very cool when the furniture and decoration are made in shades close to each other.

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This style does not imply savings on finishing — only high-quality natural materials are used. Design social networks

They create a feeling of nobility of the interior, its durability, elegance. Of course, if you use stylization and adapt modern ideas to the conditions of a typical apartment or a certain budget, you can use imitations — but they must be of high quality.

For floor in the kitchen, wear-resistant coatings are suitable that are not afraid of moisture, mechanical damage, and exposure to household chemicals. Usually it is tiles and porcelain stoneware with the texture of stone or marble. Sometimes, instead of imitation of natural materials, a laconic geometric or abstract pattern is chosen — but it should not be too small and colorful. For the dining area, you can use quartz vinyl, high-end laminate, parquet or engineered board.

wall decoration can be either neutral, acting as a laconic background, or a full-fledged decorative element of the interior. It is important to remember that not all materials are suitable for the kitchen. If you want to use wallpaper, choose one that will withstand the difficult conditions of the cooking area: steam, temperature changes, humidity, constant pollution. This is best done with non-woven or vinyl coatings, as well as fiberglass. But textile and paper wallpapers are definitely not for the cooking zone. Waterproof paint or decorative plaster is also suitable for decorating walls. The apron is tiled, painted or covered with a special protective panel. In modernity, a light glossy sheen of various metals looks great. If you want to focus on the dining area, look at wallpaper with floral patterns or wooden wall panels.

Ceiling decoration depends on the architecture of the building. If this is a private house or apartment with high arches, you can decorate the ceiling with decorative beams or curly elements. In other cases, it is better to limit yourself to a concise single-level canvas of a light shade. The classic version is white, but sometimes the ceiling is painted in light gray or creamy beige.

Furniture and appliances

The main piece of furniture in the kitchen is a set. It should be restrained, but elegant, look expensive and solid.

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The priority is wood, good quality MDF, acrylic. But cheap plastic is definitely not suitable.

Modernism assumes smooth lines, the absence of sharp sharp corners. In the classic version, these are curved radius facades (especially if the layout is L-shaped), but you can also choose a standard set, “softening” it due to textures. Its size and content completely depend on your requests, as well as the size of the kitchen. In this direction, there are no strict requirements for the functionality of furniture: you can choose a spacious mezzanine suite, refuse upper cabinets altogether, add an island or a peninsula.

An important point is the choice of technology. Modern, despite its craving for natural elements, welcomes all the achievements of progress. Therefore, such a kitchen should be “stuffed” with modern gadgets and appliances that simplify cooking and cleaning. At the same time, the space should remain visually harmonious and restrained. Almost always use built-in technology. If you choose freestanding models, they should not be too bright, shiny and chrome, so as not to stand out from the overall concept.

The dining area is usually represented by a traditional dining table. Any shape, but rounded corners are desirable. Often it is made accent: for example, with a marbled worktop or golden legs. Chairs can be quite simple or interesting curved shape.

In a small kitchen, a large dining table is often replaced with a bar counter or a mini-island.

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Decor and textiles

In terms of decor, Art Nouveau is very close to minimalism — the less decorations, the better. Pieces of value are welcome.

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Use beautiful dishes, decorative vases, cutting boards as accents. The table in the dining area can be decorated with a bouquet of fresh flowers or dried flowers, put candles, add a couple of laconic sculptural figures. There is also practically no textiles: classic curtains or Roman curtains on the windows, a set of kitchen towels in the same style — and that, as a rule, is all. Carpets and tablecloths are almost never used.

But the lighting is given special attention. It performs not only its direct functions, but also plays the role of decor. Accent chandeliers, beautiful glass or gilded pendants, complex compositions of lamps — all this complements the modern kitchen interior, as in the photo below.



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