Apartment 35 sq. m for a young man who came to conquer Moscow


The owners of the apartment set an ambitious task for Inna Azorskaya — to equip the maximum number of storage spaces, make sure to make a sleeping area with a full-fledged bed, meet deadlines and a strictly stipulated budget. And all this in a small area.


The official status of housing is apartments, which means a certain freedom of action in redevelopment. You can not strictly adhere to the rules of housing legislation. Nevertheless, they did not begin to make a global redevelopment here. Wet zones remained in their places. The room was combined with a kitchen-living room, creating a common studio space. The bedroom is separated from the living area by a slatted partition, and the hallway is connected to the common area. This decision made it possible to conveniently place furniture and think over a space that is comfortable for one young person.


Light paint was chosen for the walls. In the bedroom area, on the wall behind the head of the bed, a fresco wallpaper was pasted to create a spectacular accent.

On the floor in the hallway and the wet area of ​​the kitchen there is marbled porcelain stoneware folded into a panel. Laminate flooring has been installed in the living area. In the bathroom, the basic finish is combined — light-colored marble-effect porcelain stoneware on the walls and wood-effect on the floor. A combination that looks sophisticated and timeless.

Furniture and storage systems

There are two spacious closets for storing things in the apartment. One is located in the hallway — it is designed for outerwear. The second is in the bedroom. There are drawers under the bed for placing pillows and blankets (we chose a design with a lifting mechanism).

The compact kitchen (only 4 square meters) was made U-shaped. One of the parts is high column cabinets with built-in appliances. The second is the upper and lower bases with a sink and storage systems. The third is the lower cabinets, here they abandoned the upper modules in favor of a spectacular fireplace-type hood. By the way, the headset frames were chosen at IKEA to save money, but the facades were made to order, which gave individuality.

In the bathroom, storage is thought out in the utility closet — a washing machine is built in there and there are shelves above it.


Track lights were chosen as the main lighting. Decorative (they are also additional) light scenarios are implemented in the form of a suspension above the dining table in the kitchen, a sconce on the wall next to the bedroom, a mini-sconce above the bed and a table lamp on the nightstand.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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