8 wow ideas for decorating open shelves in the kitchen


one Use one color

If you paint the shelves to match the walls and fill them with dishes or jars in the same shade, you get a concise and visually light composition. This design option is suitable for small spaces or interiors where you need to maintain a minimalist style of storage.

With any, even the most difficult ...
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With any, even the most complex shade, transparent glass is perfectly combined. It is worth remembering this when considering the filling: it is not necessary to choose containers strictly in one color. Some of them may be, for example, partially or completely glass.

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2 Create a vignette with dishes

Storage on open shelves can be designed not only useful and ergonomic, but also very aesthetically pleasing. For example, make the dishes part of a decorative composition with photographs, flowers, inscriptions and any decorations that you like.

When creating such a vignette, remember&...
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When creating such a vignette, remember about moderation: do not put too many things next to each other, a few light decorative touches are enough. Otherwise, instead of decoration, you get a warehouse of assorted items in a conspicuous place, and this spoils the interior.

3 Divide crosswise

An interesting option for open storage, which is ideal for country or Provence-style interiors, is shelves divided crosswise. Inside you can store glasses, beautiful bottles or a collection of wine.

With sufficient depth for so&...
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With sufficient depth on such a shelf, you can lay out containers with spices, cereals and pasta. Transparent jars will look especially beautiful, in which the texture of the products is clearly visible.

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four Fill with the same banks

A simple and beautiful way to organize open storage in the kitchen is to fill all the shelves with the same style containers. For example, these can be clear glass jars with cork or wooden lids.

At the same time, jars are optional
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In this case, the jars do not have to be the same size. You can create an interesting rhythm on the shelf by using higher or lower containers. Or experiment with their shape.

5 Choose dishes for the interior

Open shelves look especially stylish, the contents of which completely match in style, color or shape with the rest of the space.

For example, if you have a white kitchen...
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For example, if you have a white kitchen, then let the plates with cups on the shelf be the same color. And in a minimalist interior, you should forget about monograms and prints on dishes, complex shapes or colorful accessories.

6 put plants

Indoor plants are a win-win option for decorating open shelves. They look appropriate in different styles, refresh and complement any interior, making it harmonious and complete.

Look especially impressive
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Loaches look especially impressive, descending in a beautiful cascade down from the shelf. But they can only be placed on high shelves and away from the hob so that the plant feels comfortable and does not interfere while cooking. Or choose small flowers in compact pots.

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7 Decorate with a poster and candles

To give the shelves a purely decorative character, just a few details are enough. For example, a beautiful poster or picture surrounded by candles in candlesticks will look very colorful.

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This option is suitable for kitchens with ample storage, where there is no need for additional space for plates and cups. In this case, you can give the open space for decor without regret.

eight Accentuate the texture of wood

The texture of wood will help create a cozy interior in a Scandinavian or rustic style. It can be used not only in decoration, but also in small accents.

One of these touches can be...
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One of these touches can be wooden dishes on open shelves. In addition to plates, beautiful cutting boards or just cut wood will do. Of the latter, by the way, excellent coasters for hot dishes are obtained.


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