7 useful and inexpensive things that will help organize your work and study space


one Roomy organizer

Organizer with many compartments will help you put things in order at work or school. It is especially convenient to use it for organizing stationery: pens, pencils, markers. And on the shelves will fit voluminous folders, books and documents. There you can store the literature that you are currently reading, textbooks, notebooks or work papers.

2 Stand-glass

A simple cup holder is perfect for organizing and storing pens, pencils and art supplies on your desktop. In drawers and on the countertop, all these small accessories create chaos, so it makes more sense to store them that way. A beautiful glass can be placed on a table, in a rack or kept on an open shelf near the workplace.

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3 hanging organizer

A textile organizer that is attached to the wall will help expand storage options near the workplace. It has several compartments with pockets for stationery or gadgets. For example, you can store chargers, stickers, a notebook or hobby accessories there.

four Divider inserts for drawers

A set of containers in the same style, but different in shape and size, will help you store small items in drawers more orderly. Arrange the organizers as you like, and distribute small stationery in them. For example, it can be paper clips, magnets, stickers, buttons and other accessories. Longer containers can hold writing instruments, headphones and chargers.

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5 «Pocket» for papers

A folder in the form of a pocket is useful for various purposes. For example, you can store papers, notebooks, diaries or notebooks in it. Documents, small books and thin brochures can also be placed there. And also such folders are suitable for children’s drawings and applications.

6 Small fabric organizer

If you don’t have space for a voluminous universal organizer or simply don’t have anything to store in it, take a more compact model. For example, this small snap-on organizer with several side pockets will help you organize and organize all the small items on your countertop. The more compartments an accessory has, the more organized storage you will have. A collapsible mechanism on the buttons will allow you to compactly fold this accessory when you do not need it.

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7 Case with lid

A laconic case, which is tightly closed with a lid on top, will help get rid of visual noise in the workplace. Small multi-colored stationery, even if neatly folded, often creates a sense of clutter. To hide this variegation, use an opaque plastic box with a lid. It will fit into any style and will not take up much space on the table.

eight Desktop organizer-hammock

The unusual design of this accessory looks stylish and concise at the same time. The hammock organizer consists of fabric hanging «compartments» in which it is convenient to keep gadgets, glasses and other small things. Due to the tension of the material, all contents will be securely fixed inside each compartment.

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