7 small kitchens that look spacious


one Bright kitchen with dining area

Despite the small area of ​​this kitchen, the designer managed to fit here not only a spacious kitchen set, but also a full-fledged dining area with a table and chairs. All decoration and furniture are made in a warm milky shade of white. The color accent here is in the form of a light blue apron and curtains to match it. This combination is complemented by a decorative tablecloth on the table. If desired, textiles can be changed by choosing brighter or, conversely, calm fabrics.

An interesting feature is that the cornice is not close to the window, but at some distance from it. The curtains themselves are also not located strictly according to the size of the opening, due to which all possible natural light enters the room.

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2 Cozy kitchen in pastel colors

This country-inspired kitchen looks very fresh and airy. In many ways, this feeling is created due to the light palette, glossy tiles on the backsplash and the absence of unnecessary details. Beige-powder kitchen set with ceramic fittings adds tenderness to the interior, while black stove and hood make the space more voluminous and contrasting. An interesting detail is the colored openings, painted in one pastel shade of yellow. They bring color to the palette, but do not make it too colorful.

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3 Kitchen with functional window sill

The kitchen area in this compact three-room apartment is only five square meters. But, despite the modest footage, it looks quite spacious. The designers managed to place everything you need here: from different storage options to a seating area on the windowsill. Under it, additional low boxes were organized.

The feeling of spaciousness is created by light shades used in the finishing of the floor and kitchen facades. They are set off by a bright apron and graphic floor tiles. The result is a bright and functional cooking area with interesting accents.

four White kitchen with bright accents

On a small footage, it is not necessary to use only basic shades. It is quite possible to include bright accents in the palette. For example, in this studio, very little space was allocated for the cooking zone, installing a compact linear set along the wall. A small round table for two was placed by the window. The overall decoration of the living room is basic: simple white walls and a light floor. Furniture — laconic form, plain. But so that the apartment does not look like a faceless typical renovation from the developer, the calm background was complemented by bright berry-colored chairs and contrasting terrazzo tiles on the backsplash. Since color bursts are local, they do not overload the space.

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5 Bright kitchen with curly facades

Make a small kitchen bright? Why not! For example, here the color only played into the hands of the interior. The space looks light and airy thanks to the perfect balance of white and bright hues. So, the lower facades are painted in mint and rich yellow. We see the same tone of green in the upper part of the headset and on the ceiling. Such a bright palette looks even more interesting thanks to unusual doors with rounded edges and without handles.

6 Blue kitchen with lots of light

A calm palette and plenty of light make this kitchen visually more spacious than it really is. It also saves the situation that the dining area is moved outside the kitchen — it is located on the border with the living room, thus freeing up additional space in the cooking area. The main advantage of this compact kitchen is the large window. In order not to close it and not block the access of light, instead of classic curtains on the floor, a minimalist Roman blind was chosen.

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7 Stylish black and white kitchen

And dark colors can be perceived easily if they are adjacent to light, light shades. For example, in the design of this kitchen, a lot of black was used, but at the same time it does not look cramped or uncomfortable. White color, which is present both in decoration and in furniture, adds lightness to a small room and effectively combines with black elements.

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