7 most beautiful ideas for transforming the bedroom in the summer


How to update the bedroom in summer? Told in video

one Add houseplants

A room immersed in greenery even in winter looks like summer, and in the warm season this decor looks especially organic. A few green bushes will instantly transform the bedroom space.

Even if you are a flower beginner...
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Even if you are a novice florist or have no experience with plant care before, do not be afraid to start. Pick a couple of hardy varieties (e.g. succulents, chlorophytum, geraniums) that are low-maintenance and undemanding in terms of temperature, humidity, and amount of light. It can be flowers, or just green plants — depending on what you like best.

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2 Decorate the walls with dried flowers

Dried flowers are most often used for floral arrangements in vases, but they also look great as wall decor.

Twigs can be hung on a new...
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Twigs can be hung on an invisible fishing line, creating a «floating» garden in zero gravity. This decor looks very delicate and looks best in a laconic interior, not overloaded with unnecessary details.

3 Make an accent wall

Summer is associated with bright colors, so a great way to add the appropriate mood to the interior is to transform one of the walls. Paint it, decorate with interior stickers or wallpaper with a «summer» mood.

For example, add to one of the...
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For example, add a large floral or tropical print to one of the walls (behind the headboard or next to the bed). A surface that is fully or partially painted in a contrasting color will also look good.

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four Add to textiles in a flower

As always, textiles will help to change the atmosphere of a room quickly and on a budget. For example, in the bedroom, it is enough to simply change the bed linen for a brighter set with a botanical pattern.

Choose delicate, not too...
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Choose a delicate, not too colorful pattern that only slightly hints at summer motifs. Choose bed linen colors that blend with the rest of the room’s palette.

5 Use natural textures

Wood, stone, clay and any other natural materials emphasize the naturalness of the interior. Such details look bright and at the same time restrained. They will suit both the bedroom where there is already an accent decor, and the one where it is not.

If your goal is to create peace...
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If your goal is to create a peaceful space to relax in, choose accessories that duplicate the main color of the room. They will add color to the space due to the bright texture, but the overall picture will remain neutral.

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6 Incorporate Wicker Accessories

Wicker details made from natural materials create a light holiday mood, refer us to boho and eco-style. One or two such elements in the interior (for example, a pouffe or baskets) are enough to make the room cozy in summer.

These details are wonderful
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These details perfectly «get along» with different styles. You can diversify them with a minimalist, Scandinavian and even loft bedroom. Wicker decor looks especially good in the company of light colors and natural materials.

7 Free the window from textiles

Let the sunlight into the room, and you will be surprised how much it will change the mood in the interior. For the summer period, you can remove window textiles completely or limit yourself to a light curtain.

This idea is good for those who...
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This idea is good for those who are used to getting up early or who need sunlight to wake up. If you are not this type of person and need darkness in the bedroom, hang a blackout roller blind instead of curtains. When assembled, it is almost invisible on the window and does not block the light.

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