7 interiors where open book storage has become a highlight


one Bedroom with home library in dark brown

Open storage of books is not typical for a bedroom: this solution alone looks unusual. In this very small room, an extensive home library does not create a clutter — all thanks to a single brown L-shaped module. At the same time, inside the module there are not closed shelves and cabinets, but ordinary shelves without walls. Interesting effect! The books themselves are arranged by color and complemented by figurines, candlesticks, photo frames.

2 Storing books in a multifunctional stylish bookcase

In this bright living room, all attention is focused on a rich mint-colored closet, installed almost to the ceiling. The lower part is closed storage systems like chests of drawers and a workplace, the upper one is reserved for books. Here, the colors of the covers were not taken into account on all the shelves, but it does not look colorful — on the contrary, it is textured, I want to see everything. To make open book storage not too monotonous, the center section was filled with unusual vases of fresh flowers.

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    Living room

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3 Living-dining room with full-length books

In the interior in these photos, the closet is already really up to the ceiling. Moreover, it occupies the entire wall. But it is this large-scale solution that makes it stylish, as does the lower small module with closed sections (hinting an elongated TV stand). We can say that this is a modern reading of the «wall», once popular. Open shelves with books are narrow and compact — they look rhythmic, and the herringbone parquet board supports the dynamics. Although the library has become the main element in the interior, a massive dining table made of natural wood also attracts attention. And in order not to overload the room, the chairs were chosen transparent.

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four Unusual attic with books everywhere

This attic room is perhaps one of the most unusual examples of book storage at home. In fact, this is a small office, but the hostess loves books and spends a lot of time reading them here. Either way, the perfect place for a home library! It has several chaotic storage spaces: a tall bookcase with glass doors, a low glazed chest of drawers in a different shade, a narrow open shelving unit, an alcove under the overhang, and—let’s be honest—just tall stacks of books in the corners. The combination of different types of storage, a small area and a reading chair make the room a cozy and stylish corner.

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5 Home library in a spacious living room

This home library looks like a constructor, and for a reason. Directly behind the sofa is a shelving unit built into a niche, such storage is rare. On both sides of the recreation area there are three white racks of different heights. The play of rectangular shapes is supported by a square screed of sofa cushions. With such an abundance of books, the room does not look colorful and overloaded, as the palette is well-built. The bleached oak bookcase echoes the sofa legs and floor, the white shelves echo the coffee table, and the deep blue sofa echoes the sky blue walls. In such a frame, books seem to be an integral part of the room, and not items that just need to be stored somewhere.

6 Country living room with huge bookshelves

Due to the fact that the books on the shelves here are all over the wall, the rack becomes an interesting volumetric background, without reducing the living room with its dimensions. It was made, by the way, in country style and completely light colors — such a stylist goes well with book aesthetics. Beauty and comfort! A special highlight of the interior is given by additional places for storing books: several small shelves and a mobile cart.

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7 Living room in a classic style with a home library hidden behind arches

The happy owners of the interior in the photo took the idea of ​​a home library literally and singled it out almost as a separate room. It connects to the living room with two wide arched openings and even has its own windows. Such an unbanal solution is not the only one. The bookcases lining the walls of the mini-library are painted the same color as the arches and walls in the living room. On the one hand, this unites the zones, but on the other hand, the arrangement of books has definitely become the main focus.


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