7 household habits that will get rid of the mess in the kitchen


What habits should be adopted to keep order in the kitchen? Told in video

one Don’t overfill boxes

Before you make another purchase in the store, think in advance where you will store this item, and whether you have a similar one. This applies, for example, to utensils and cooking accessories.

Get in the habit of leaving drawers half empty in the kitchen. So the storage system will work better, and you will not have to puzzle over where to put a bag of cereal or a new sugar bowl. If the kitchen is packed to capacity, more and more items will accumulate on open surfaces: countertops, window sills, in the dining area. All these extra things create a sense of chaos.

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2 Return items immediately

The simple habit of putting everything in its place is rarely used in practice. And it works, by the way, with a bang: as soon as you get used to immediately putting each thing in its place, the mess will leave the kitchen. You won’t have to arrange a global sorting of scattered items every few days, storage will be organized neatly.

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3 Do a mini-cleanup after every meal

Another rule to keep in mind is to wipe down surfaces, take out the trash, and wash the dishes after every meal. It will take you a couple of minutes, but it will significantly affect the overall condition of the kitchen. Crumbs will not accumulate on the countertop and stains will not harden, the necessary utensils will always be clean and at hand, the sink will look neater.

four Disassemble the work area before cooking

If there is anything on your countertop, remove it before you start cooking. The clean free space of the work area is not only convenient, but also helps to avoid a serious mess. During cooking, something always drips, splashes, pours. The more items around at this time, the more you will need to wash or wipe down when you finish cooking. In addition, on a cluttered countertop, it will be more difficult to find small debris in order to remove them.

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5 Wipe down appliances after cooking

No need to wait until the fat and soot harden in the oven or microwave, washing them after a while will be much more difficult than immediately. After cooking, wait until the appliance has cooled down and immediately wipe it with a damp cloth. Sometimes food residues can be removed even without the use of detergents, if done immediately. Spending a couple of minutes wiping down your appliances will keep them clean longer.

6 Keep items on the countertop to a minimum

The more empty your countertop, the easier it is to maintain order on it. Judge for yourself, you do not have to rearrange countless jars and cups to wipe the dust. Also, you do not have to regularly wash additional dishes from the countertop, on which dust has accumulated. The more items stored in this zone, the more likely it is that a few more new things will be lost among them, and the clutter will increase. And, in general, a visually “clean” countertop looks much neater.

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7 Maintain a storage organization that will work

It is very important to think over the filling of the storage system conveniently, otherwise it simply will not “work”, and all the necessary and frequently used things will be stored in open spaces: a table, a countertop, a windowsill. Leave all the drawers that are most convenient for you under the essentials and the most frequently used items. And, for example, upper cabinets can be occupied with groceries if you make purchases for the future, or you can leave dishes for the holidays and those accessories that are rarely used there. Maintaining proper storage organization is very important so that everything in your kitchen will be in convenient places in closed drawers.


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