7 fragrances that will make your interior «expensive»


Many brands of clothing, jewelry and furniture have long been using fragrances for marketing purposes: to improve the mood of customers, create an atmosphere of luxury, etc. There are combinations of smells that most people associate with something expensive and beautiful. They can also be used at home to enhance the pleasant feeling of the interior.

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one white sandalwood

Sandalwood in an interior perfume or scented candle gives off a warm, woody scent with hints of sweetness. This is an active and bright component, which is well suited, for example, for use in the living room, study and hallway. It pairs well with the scents of cedar and eucalyptus. If the room has wooden furniture, the illusion will be created that it smells like that. This technique will emphasize the fact that the interior contains expensive natural materials.


2 Patchouli

Patchouli essential oil can be found in store-bought home fragrances or simply used naturally in a scented lamp. It gives a pronounced sweet aroma with subtle notes of bitter smoke and wood resins. Well suited for recreation areas and workspaces. Will appeal to those who prefer sweet warm aromas. It can be mixed with the smell of orange, bergamot, rose or cedar — you get a noble and expensive combination.


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3 Tobacco

Tobacco in home fragrances does not mean cigars, but the plant itself, which has a tart, bitter smell, so don’t be afraid to use it. This perfume is suitable for those who want to emphasize the strict and brutal accents of the interior, for example, in the loft style. Sounds good in the office and home library.


four Musk

Musk is a complex multi-faceted fragrance that reveals itself in different ways in combination with other smells. It is the compositional complexity that makes it expensive and changes the feeling of space. This scent in different settings can be heavy or light, spicy, sharp, woody or light powdery. To understand which option is right for you, you need to try different interior perfumes with this ingredient: for example, with additional notes of flowers or wood.


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5 Lily of the valley

Interior perfumes with pronounced notes of lily of the valley are great for the bedroom and make it more sophisticated and romantic. The sweet but not cloying scent of this flower will be perceived differently throughout the day. When choosing the composition of an interior fragrance, pay attention to the combination of lily of the valley with lemon, green tea, rose and musk — they sound very noble.


6 Coffee

Coffee aroma sounds great not only in living rooms, but also in the kitchen or dining room. Be careful with your choice of product: the sugary synthetic smell of coffee in cheap perfumes, diffusers or candles will not make the interior feel expensive. A high-quality aroma should have deep rich notes of freshly ground coffee and a slight bitterness.


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7 Vanilla

Another expensive fragrance that suits the entire apartment, including the nursery, kitchen and bathroom, is vanilla. A high-quality perfume should be multifaceted: for example, with the addition of notes of jasmine, apple or wood. Avoid flat, overly sweet compositions.


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