7 best accessories for comfort to replace IKEA


one Alternative to the Tonsetta vase


A freshly cut bouquet or dried flowers in a stylish vase will make the interior brighter and more comfortable. Place the composition on a windowsill or near a table lamp so that the light passes beautifully through the colored glass. Among the alternatives to the Scandinavian vase, there are models in a variety of shades, so you can easily choose an accessory that will overlap in color with other decorations in the room.

2 Alternative to the decorative plate «Neyaktig»


A decor tray is an easy way to add coziness to a living room, bedroom, or entryway. The advantage of this technique is that you can change the composition at least every week. Put in dried flowers with a slight scent or accessories that reflect your interests. This analogue of the Swedish tray is made of natural wicker in a pleasant warm shade, so it will fit well in scandi, boho or neoclassical style.

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3 Handskalad hand alternative


A swivel wooden arm is one of those accessories that adds coziness to a workspace and looks interesting on open shelves and shelving. An analogue of the famous Swedish model can be combined with other Scandinavian-style decorations or miniature houseplants.

four Alternative horse «Financeell»


It is no coincidence that horse figurines appeared in the Swedish store — according to Scandinavian beliefs, they bring good luck and prosperity to the house. The replacement for this accessory is not made of wood, but of ceramic, covered with white matte paint, and without a template inscription. Such a horse is more versatile and therefore will fit into different interior styles.

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5 Alternative to the garland «Sneira»


The easiest way to add coziness to a bedroom, living room or home office is to use a garland with a warm yellow glow. To make this technique not look too catchy, pick up a model with miniature light bulbs — such as this counterpart from the mass market. The garland is a meter long, so it is enough to decorate a dining or writing table, a headboard or a bookshelf.

6 Replacing the lamp «Solviden»


If a corner of the room looks gloomy, just place an LED lamp there. It does not need sockets, and thanks to its compact size, it will fit anywhere: on a desk, bedside table, narrow shelf. The advantage of this analogue of the Scandinavian lamp is that the diode inside the lamp is programmed to create the effect of a live candle flame, so it looks much more comfortable.

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7 Alternative to artificial ivy «Fake»


Indoor plants help to make some non-residential areas in the apartment more comfortable (for example, a hallway or a bathroom). But due to the lack of sunlight in them, it is better to use artificial counterparts. Choose plants that look like the real thing. For example, like this analogue of the Swedish accessory: with veins, different lengths of branches, leaves of several shades.


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