7 analogues of IKEA products for a student’s room


one Alternative to the perforated board «Skodis»


A good way to organize a student’s workplace, freeing up a desk and using a wall, is to use a perforated board. You can attach stationery containers, a headphone hook, notes and other little things to it. An analogue of the Scandinavian model is made in the form of a 50 by 50 mm square, so you should use several boards if you want to take up all the space above the countertop. To further unload the table, you can attach a work lamp to this board.

2 Alternative to the Fubbla table lamp


The student’s desk should be well lit to reduce eye strain. Therefore, you will need a suitable table lamp. An alternative to the Swedish model has an interesting technical advantage — the ability to connect a dimmer. This is a device that allows you to adjust the intensity of the glow, making it brighter or dimmer, depending on the light in the room.

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3 Alternative to the Eldberget chair


Another important choice when decorating a student’s room is a desk chair. The Scandinavian replacement also provides good lumbar support, preventing slouching and back pain. This armchair looks concise and neutral, so it will fit into any style of interior: from Scandinavian to neoclassical. Use the seat height adjuster to make sure your child’s legs are at right angles when he sits to ensure a good posture.

four Alternative to the desk «Mikke»


In a small nursery, it is worth picking up a compact desk that does not take up much space. The width of this analogue from the mass market is only 450 mm. This is enough to place the notebooks and textbooks that are needed at the moment on the tabletop, and put everything superfluous on the shelves or in the cabinet. It also has a drawer where you can put away the little things that should always be at hand: pens, erasers, rulers.

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5 Alternative to the cabinet on wheels «Mikke»


The cabinet on wheels is a convenient solution for additional storage of notebooks and textbooks. The student will be able to easily move it around the room: push it under the desk or roll it back to the bookcase. Three drawers make it easy to organize notebooks and textbooks to quickly find the ones you need.

6 Alternative to the mini chest of drawers «Moppe»


For neat storage of pens, pencils and other small things on the desktop, you can use a mini chest of drawers. The surface of this analogue, just like the original, is suitable for coloring with paints or markers, therefore it gives the child the opportunity to express themselves and create a unique design for their workplace. In these miniature drawers there is also a place for both stationery and small things related to hobbies: beads, plasticine or paints.

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7 Alternative to the Eket shelf


To store textbooks and encyclopedias in plain sight, use deep open shelves. Replacing the Swedish model will accommodate a sufficient number of books and will look harmoniously above the sofa or desk.


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