7 amazing ideas to play up plain white walls


How to diversify white walls? Told in video

one Emphasize whiteness with bright posters

White walls are beautiful on their own, however, contrast is needed to draw attention to this. A dark or any bright color is usually used as such an «opposite». A poster in black and white is perfect for decorating the walls. Pick up the frame and substrate to match the finish or the pattern itself. The first option will look more neutral, the second — in contrast.

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2 Hang decorative plates

Decorative plates are a bright volumetric accent, especially in a neutral interior. Colorful tableware with a colorful pattern looks great on a light plain background. This option is suitable for those who want to create a spectacular and catchy interior. White walls in this case will act as the very background that will remain invisible and emphasize the beauty of decorative details.

3 Collect the composition in boho style

A cozy and stylish design option for an empty white wall is a composition of different objects, united by one style. For example, it can be posters, macrame panels and other wall decor in the spirit of boho. This style is characterized by spontaneity and naturalness. It is perfect for creating a fashionable, but not too bright interior with natural natural accents. And such decor will organically fit into the bedroom or living room in soothing colors. You can change the contents of the wall «exposition» as often as you want: for example, adding memorable details or new posters.

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four Set up beautiful outdoor storage

You can kill two birds with one stone, beating white walls and adding functionality to them, with the help of decorative storage. For example, hang small shelves above the bed or sofa, on which you will put beautiful boxes and store jewelry or small things in them. To make the whole composition look complete, you can hang a poster next to it in the same colors as the decor on the shelves.

5 Decorate with plants

A simple and win-win option for decorating any interior is indoor plants. They are also suitable for decorating white walls. A variety of loaches in hanging planters or on shelves will look especially beautiful. Their branches will hang down, creating a lively and natural pattern on the white wall. This decor option is suitable for a variety of interior styles, you will only need to choose a pot that suits the interior.

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6 hang a tapestry

A more modern version of the carpet on the wall, which our grandmothers loved so much, is a tapestry or a textile panel with a bright texture. They can be wonderful to decorate plain white walls. The style of the product should match the overall design of the room: it can be Scandinavian motifs, ethnic, something vintage or eclectic. In this case, the plain surface will sparkle with new colors, like the entire interior.

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7 Make a decorative color

A bold and catchy way to spice up an empty white wall is to paint part of it a different color. You can use different geometric shapes: for example, make a contrasting circle or square right in the middle. An interesting option is to paint over a corner or half of the wall with a different shade. It is important to choose a tone that will be repeated in other interior details: furniture, decor or textiles. Otherwise, such coloring may look strange and get out of the general mood.

Cover design: Anton Bitipash, photo: Tatyana Nikitina

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