6 fresh ideas for decorating the living room (keep bookmarked!)


one Decorate the partition with plants

In studios and small spaces in one room, you have to combine several zones: a living room and a kitchen, a relaxation area and a sleeping place, sometimes all together. If zoning is decided in your apartment using a partition, live plants will help make it more decorative. Arrange them on a rack, make shelves between the slats or a “window” if you have a blank wall, as in this example. This technique will allow you to add some natural light to the back of the room and generally facilitate the design. Put on the resulting shelf a few small plants in pots in the same style. Loaches will look especially beautiful: their long stems will be an excellent alternative to wall decor.


2 Add vintage accents

There are many options for filling the empty space in the living room, and here is one of them. If you have an old radiogram, armchair, table, TV or record player gathering dust in your garage for a long time, use them as a colorful accent. Perhaps the technique will even be able to be repaired and used not only as a decor. «Grandma’s» furniture often needs only a small cosmetic restoration — and your home will have an exclusive, which over the years will become more and more valuable. If you want more radical updates, a table or stool can be repainted in a bright color, and the upholstery on the chair can be replaced.

Design: Alexander Mershiev. Photo: Olga Shangina

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3 Hang musical instruments on the wall

Musical instruments will help to diversify the interior and at the same time solve the issue of decorating an empty wall. Perhaps you have an old guitar, ukulele or tambourine that no one plays. Beautiful vintage violins can be found at flea markets or from collectors. Alternatively, decorate the wall with vinyl records or drumsticks. Authentic decor like this will transform the interior and add a unique story to the living room, even if the space is decorated very simply.


four Put a large decor on the floor

Large paintings in massive frames, mirrors and large-format posters will look unusual and stylish right on the floor. This arrangement will be the highlight of the room. Moreover, in this case, large decor will be appropriate for any footage. If you hang a large painting on the wall in a small living room, the room will seem even smaller due to the mismatch in scale. On the floor, such decor will give a completely different effect: it will attract attention, diverting it from the walls and ceiling (especially true if it is low).


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5 Fill the ends of the walls with shelves

Most often, the surface of the wall inside the arch or other passage between the rooms is empty. But it can be put to good use! For example, make several shelves and store books or decor on them. The walls filled with fresh flowers in a cache-pot will look beautiful. You should not make deep shelves inside the opening — they will make it difficult to pass, and the space may seem cramped, especially if the apartment is small. But small narrow coasters for small things are perfect.


6 Design a workplace in a small niche

If you have an empty niche in your living room or an incompletely filled “slide” wall, use this space to organize an additional functional area. For example, place a compact workplace there. The free section in the furniture wall can be used as a countertop, simply by substituting a chair of a suitable height. Or install a small folding table in an empty niche — you get a convenient transformer cabinet.


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