6 best home jobs from designer projects


In September, schoolchildren and students begin a new academic year. And even those who are no longer studying, with the beginning of autumn, they feel the usual “start”, even at work. In our selection — home work corners: for both schoolchildren and adults. Let’s see how the designers equip them!

one On a light balcony

In this apartment in Kazan, designed by Maryam Razuvaeva, the workplace is decorated on the loggia adjacent to the bedroom. This is a space flooded with light, where, in addition to the desktop, there is also a wicker chair and a small winter garden with plants. The working area itself is provided not only with a table and a desk chair, but also with hanging shelves for books and papers.

2 Bright workplace for a student

This Moscow apartment, designed by Tatyana Alipova, has a separate office, but for our selection, we decided to take the work area from the student’s room. Here are bright colors, a large table that can comfortably accommodate two people (for example, a child and an adult), a storage system for various small things. And next to it is a window sill with a soft mattress and pillows so that you can take a break from studies.

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3 Workplace behind a curtain

This apartment, designed by Margarita Posukhova, belongs to a young creative couple. In the living room, the designer has allocated a working area, which, if necessary, can be made more private. It is enough to close it with a curtain. This is an easy, but working technique for zoning space. Hanging closets are provided for storage. And on a long tabletop you can arrange everything you need.

four Work area in vintage style

This Stalin-era apartment designed by TB Design is decorated in a mixed style. The Scandinavian direction is also guessed here, and there are vintage notes.

So, the apartment has a separate office, but there is an additional working area in the bedroom. And that’s what we decided to include in the collection. The work table and chair could be mistaken for a real vintage, but in fact it is a stylization. Brightness is added by a picture on the tabletop, and functionality is added by an open shelf above the table, where you can arrange books, papers and decor.

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5 Separate office

This stalin-style apartment, which was renovated by designer Kristina Lichik, has a separate office. Checkered wallpaper and a Chesterfield sofa hint at English style. IKEA has chosen furniture for the working area directly: a large table and a comfortable chair. The interior turned out to be both strict and cozy.

6 Working area for two

In this project by the Didus Design studio, the nursery was equipped for two children. The workplace is at two windows. A long and wide tabletop was installed here instead of a window sill, a nightstand with a drawer zones two places for the boys. At the same time, the “set” is absolutely the same: there is also a second bedside table, shelves for storage and sockets are provided on both sides. Next to the working area, part of the wall is painted with slate paint. Handy for taking notes or just distracting yourself with drawing during difficult learning tasks.

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