5 things you should remove from your bedroom right now


What are the best things to take out of the bedroom? Told in video

one Television

TV in the bedroom confuses many designers, psychologists and doctors: screen light interferes with the production of melatonin, watching movies replaces talking with a partner, and a black plastic rectangle in the center of the wall turns the room into a hotel room. The absence of a TV in the bedroom will also help in the fight against the bad habit of watching TV shows avidly and because of this, not getting enough sleep.

To replace it, it is better to hang photographs or posters, plants in hanging pots and other wall decor. Or put a small chest of drawers — so you will have an additional storage system.

Design: Evgenia Pestova. Photo: Mikhail Stepanov. Style: Olga Vasyukova

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2 Glowing electrical devices

Chargers with LED indicators, computer blocks and in general everything that glows will disturb your sleep at night. And in daylight, the abundance of appliances and wires in the bedroom looks out of place and unaesthetic.

Move large electronics to another room, and hide chargers in special boxes. For those who deliberately leave the backlight in the bedroom, because they do not like to sleep in complete darkness, it is better to have a night light with a timer that will turn itself off after a couple of hours.

Design: Alexandra Ostankova

3 Little things from the bedside table

Bedside tables fill up very quickly with various little things: books, magazines, glasses, notepads and pens that no one uses. All this creates visual noise and confusion, in which it is difficult to find the right thing.

Do not forget to regularly (at least once a month!) completely empty the nightstand, leaving only the necessary minimum of things. The room will look much tidier, and you will definitely not accidentally drop something at night in the dark.

Design: Tatyana Basova. Photo: Natalya Gorbunova. Style: Anastasia Bauer

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four Chair with clothes

Sometimes, instead of a chair, it can be an exercise bike, a synthesizer, or any other object on which it is convenient to throw on what was taken off before going to bed. Rarely does anyone take this into account when thinking about the design of a bedroom, because all attention is focused on choosing a bed, finishes, etc.

To get rid of untidy piles of clothes in plain sight will help:

  • Floor hanger. This is an option for those who are willing to spend time choosing clothes in a single color scheme and arrange such open storage beautifully.

  • Laundry basket. A good solution for those who, taking off things, immediately send them to the wash. Pick a nice basket with a lid and a cotton sack inside to keep your clothes free of snags.

  • Boxing in an open rack. If the bedroom has an open rack, one of its compartments can be allocated for storing home clothes.


5 Stack of unread books

Reading books regularly is one of the most desirable healthy habits that many people want to acquire. But during the day, few people have time to read, so all hope is placed on a free half an hour or an hour before bedtime. All new books are solemnly placed in the bedroom and wait in the wings, but most often they remain unread, causing only a feeling of guilt.

It is better to take the book collection into the living room, and leave only what you are reading right now in the bedroom. Another life hack: keep the book close to the bed, and the phone and tablet in the other part of the room. This will help you get off your social media feed and start reading.

Design: TB Design. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Style: Nastasya Korbut

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