5 stereotypes about the design of a small apartment, which is long overdue to stop believing


What stereotypes about the design of a small apartment are wrong? Told in video

one In a small size it will not be possible to withstand the style

During renovations in a small apartment or room, the focus shifts to how to place everything you need in a small area. This question seems so important and painful that it often leaves no energy to think about design. And in general, it seems that only a spacious apartment, on which the designer worked, can be decorated in a certain style.

How to be

The choice of a specific direction will not complicate, but, on the contrary, will simplify the repair process. In addition, most styles are a storehouse of useful tricks for a small size. For example, minimalism will help organize thoughtful closed storage systems. Scandinavian style will give you ideas on how to create coziness from small things with a small budget. Neoclassicism will add elegance and make the space visually more expensive. To get the desired result, you can also combine directions, and square meters will not become a hindrance.

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2 The palette should be light and solid

A small room should be decorated in bright colors — this postulate is already perceived as an indisputable truth. Of course, if you really like these basic shades (this is easy to understand by looking into the wardrobe and analyzing what colors in clothes you choose most often for yourself), there are no problems with this solution. But if you really want to see deep dark tones or bright accents in the interior, you don’t need to forbid it just because of the small footage.

How to be

Choose colors that bring you joy and give you psychological comfort from being in the house. And you can expand the room visually and not overload the space in other ways:

  • Add large mirrors.
  • Carefully work out lighting scenarios without leaving dark corners.
  • Choose furniture that looks elegant and easy.
  • Use color techniques that visually expand the room or raise the ceiling.

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3 Decor should be miniature

Another stereotype is that in a small space there should be only miniature decorations: a couple of photographs, small candles, a cactus or a succulent in a pot. But in fact, too small decor will be lost on the scale of any room. And if there is a lot of it, it will create a feeling of visual noise.

How to be

Work not with the size of accessories, but with their expressiveness and quantity. Two or three stylish and noticeable accents will create the right atmosphere in the interior and will be appropriate even in a small area. Do not be afraid to try on large details: for example, a picture, a poster or a mirror. If you are not sure, make an imitation of hanging before buying. Cut out the silhouettes of the future decor from paper and leave it on the wall for several days to evaluate the result and listen to your feelings.

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    Designers say: 11 more stereotypes in the interior that need to be forgotten

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four The walls are better left empty

Why overload the walls, and there is so little space — many owners of small apartments argue in a similar way. In fact, wall decor practically does not occupy a usable area and plays an important role in interior design. The feeling of congestion arises only if the jewelry is chosen incorrectly.

How to be

Study the designer interiors that you like and analyze what decor looks harmonious there and why. Most likely, the matter is in a successful color scheme, textured materials and the right combination with the chosen style.

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5 No open storage

Another stereotype that needs to be treated with some criticism: there should be no open storage in a small area. This categorical statement was born from the feeling that a large accumulation of household trifles creates a visual mess. But this does not mean that open shelves should be completely abandoned.

How to be

Allocate a reasonable amount of open surfaces on which you can place decor or household items. Make sure that there is free space between things, and that they themselves are in the same style and the same color scheme.

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