5 innovative solutions that will help you get the most out of your small space


one Use compact technology

Small kitchens are not easy to equip with everything you need so that there is still room for storage. But it is not necessary to give up something — try to reduce the dimensions of the equipment instead. For example, instead of a full-fledged four-burner hob, putting a two-burner hob is a good option if you don’t cook much. If you already have cookware, before buying appliances, measure the panel and compare the dimensions. If pans and pots won’t fit, consider a three-burner option. Buy new cookware based on the size of your small stove.

In addition to the hob, you can put a more compact oven, sink and dishwasher. So you will have everything you need in everyday life in your kitchen, but at the same time there will be room for cooking and storage.

2 Choose folding furniture

Also folding furniture will help you save space in the apartment. For example, if you often have guests, buy a set of these chairs: you will get them when you need them, and then put them on the balcony, in a closet or hang them on the wall. The same goes for the table. The foldable model can be placed in the kitchen or living room and used for lunch, work or hobbies. When you don’t need it, fold down the top and free up extra space in the room. If you have a small kitchen and there is no way to move the dining area to another room, arrange a folding or retractable countertop. Usually she leaves the working area and retracts after you have eaten.

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3 Combine dining and work areas

If you show imagination, an additional functional area can be equipped even in a tiny apartment. If you’re working from home but don’t have anywhere to put your desk, use the one you already have: in the kitchen, for example. One piece of furniture can perform two functions at once and thus save space. To make it easier to concentrate on work, think over the details that will help you switch and create the right mood. It can be organizers, decor or cozy little things. After you have worked, put away your laptop and papers, lay a familiar tablecloth on the table — and you will again have a dining area.

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four Move the dining area to the balcony

In a small apartment, the dining area does not have to be in the living room or in the kitchen. If there is no room for a full-fledged table and chairs in these rooms, use the balcony area: put a folding table there or make a bar counter along the windows. If the loggia is glazed and insulated, the dining area will be there all year round. But even if not, in the warm season you can dine al fresco on the open balcony. Of course, such a mini-dining room is not suitable for large feasts, but for 1-2 people it is quite a comfortable option. You can also put a small rack there: for example, with dishes or flowers.

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5 Set up a closet above the bed

The space behind the head of the bed is often completely undeservedly empty. If you have enough cabinets and chests of drawers, you can leave only decor and light in this area. But if there is an acute shortage of space in the apartment, equip a full-fledged storage system above the bed. There you can put clothes, bedding, seasonal items or books and thus significantly unload the apartment.

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