5 bathrooms in which spacious storage was organized


one Compact furniture in a small space

In a small bathroom, it is sometimes difficult to find a place for large appliances — not to mention organizing a full-fledged storage next to it. In this project, the washing machine was placed under the sink as standard, and a narrow cabinet with drawers for storing household items was built into the remaining small space. The facades were made minimalist, so they, although they are made in a bright wood texture, do not overload the space. Storage is complemented by a built-in closet in the same style above the toilet.

2 Storage cabinet in a niche

If the bathroom has a complex layout (for example, there are many niches and ledges), use them for storage. For example, in this bathroom, a niche was converted into a beautiful cabinet. Louvred wooden doors in white color, which closed the recesses, look airy and stylish without overloading the space. This cabinet is ideal for storing household chemicals and cleaning accessories. And most importantly — it will not take away the extra area of ​​\u200b\u200ba small bathroom.

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3 Spacious cabinet under the sink

Arranging a cabinet or chest of drawers under the sink is a popular storage solution in the bathroom. This manages to take up space that is difficult to accommodate for something else because of the drain pipes. The curbstone not only closes the ugly view at the bottom of the sink, but also gives a lot of free space for bath textiles, household supplies or household chemicals. If you correctly organize the space inside the drawers, you can completely close the issue of storage in the bathroom.

four Cabinets and cabinet in the same style

The free space under the sink and above it was beaten here with the help of a set of furniture. It consists of two parts. In the sink area there is a small cabinet with drawers and a hanging cabinet with mirrored doors. The furniture is made in the same style: laconic design and overall light gray color. Silver handles here act as a decorative element.

The second part of the storage system is built-in cabinets above the toilet in a similar shade. They do not have fittings, the doors open by pressing. This minimalistic look of facades is great for small spaces, where the fewer individual noticeable details, the better.

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5 Niches for masking pipes and storage

The storage system in this separate bathroom is represented by several elements. First of all, this is a classic set of furniture near the sink: a cabinet with drawers and a narrow hanging cabinet with a mirrored facade, which is almost invisible at first sight. But the third storage option is interesting in this example — niches above the washing machine in the bathroom and above the toilet in the bathroom. They are closed with doors with louvered facades, painted to match the walls. Such built-in cabinets are suitable for storing small items, household items, stocks of toilet paper, soap, etc. And with their help it is convenient to disguise communications that often spoil the aesthetics of the bathroom.


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