5 bad ways to decorate a balcony (and what to replace them with)


What is better to refuse in the design of the balcony? Told in video

one Table for two for gatherings with coffee

A table and a couple of chairs to drink coffee there in the morning is a classic idea of ​​​​a cozy balcony. But there are several reasons why this zone is likely to be used infrequently and quickly get bored.

  • The glazed loggia is no better than the kitchen in terms of atmosphere.

  • On a narrow balcony, it is inconvenient to bypass the table and easily overturn what is on it.
  • If the windows on the loggia are not panoramic, but windows of standard height, sitting on a chair, you will rest your eyes on the wall.
  • On the balcony without heating it is comfortable to relax only in the warm season.
  • If the exit to the loggia is not in the kitchen, but in another room, most likely, it will be too lazy to carry dishes back and forth.

What is better to replace

Once again, evaluate the need to equip the apartment with a separate area for coffee gatherings. If you still need it, it may be better to allocate a wide window sill for it in the kitchen or place a comfortable coffee table next to the sofa in the living room. On the balcony, it is more practical to put, for example, a desk for an additional workplace.

2 Warehouse for everything that did not find a place in the apartment

In many apartments, the balcony is used as a pantry, storing a variety of items there: cleaning products, food supplies, a bicycle, boxes of shoes. As a result, a small space looks cluttered, and it’s not easy to find the right thing.

What is better to replace

To get started, have a decluttering session: get rid of everything that has been lying on the balcony for years, waiting for repair or use. Then sort the remaining items. For some things there is a logical place in the apartment. For the rest, consider a compact storage method on the loggia, making the most of the walls. For example, all pickles and boxes of vegetables can be placed on an open hanging rack. Bicycle — hang on special hooks. The vacated area will probably be enough for an additional zone: a reading corner or a desktop.

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3 Winter Garden

Making a winter garden on a loggia is not as easy as it seems. If the balcony is not insulated, the temperature on it will differ slightly from the street temperature. For most indoor plants, severe frosts are not suitable, so at the end of autumn all the pots will have to be taken to the apartment. If the balcony is insulated, it will not be possible to turn off the heating on it throughout the winter, which will significantly increase electricity bills. In addition, it will be necessary to solve the problem of air humidification.

What is better to replace

If you are not ready to put in so much effort, but want to create a visual effect of being close to nature, decorate the loggia in shades of green and add some artificial plants. Against such a background, it will be possible to place any other zone (for example, a place for relaxing and reading), and it will look very atmospheric.

four home gym

Placing outdoor exercise equipment on a small balcony is not the best idea. They take up too much space and are inconvenient to approach. In the summer it is hot to play sports on the loggia, and cold in the winter.

What is better to replace

If you’re at home exercising, or want to start the habit but need a private place to do so, start with a regular yoga mat and a ceiling-mounted bar. At first, this will be enough, and free space can be allocated for the implementation of other ideas.

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5 Sleeping place

Aesthetic photos with a bed on the loggia inspire many. A large window, a garland, a cozy little space — it seems that this is an original and successful idea. But the owners of the bed on the balcony will have to face a number of difficulties:

  • Noise from the street or from neighbors on another balcony will be heard better than from the room.
  • Bright sunlight in the morning will interfere with sleep.
  • It is necessary to constantly maintain a comfortable temperature. You will need underfloor heating or an electric battery.
  • With the door closed, the balcony can get stuffy after a few hours.
  • It will be difficult to wash the floors under the bed and remake the bed.

What is better to replace

On a warmed loggia, it is better to place a spare bed for a guest who stayed overnight. For this, an armchair that folds out into a single bed is enough, which the rest of the time will play the role of a relaxation area.

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